Why Online Reservation System?

eHotel Reservation System is an easy to use Online Reservation System that maximizes online bookings directly from your property's website. Whether you're a 5 star resort, large hotel management group or a small property with as few as 5 units in your letting pool, our reservation system can get you results.

When surfing the Internet for hotel rooms, potential guests are looking for Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Resorts etc., which offer the speed and convenience of a one-stop availability check, instant purchase and confirmation. eHotel Reservation System provides your hotel or hotels a single tool that provides your property the functionality of large hotel chains, spending millions of dollars at a fraction of the cost.

You can have your “own” state of the art, Real time hotel reservation system. A system that is so easy to administer that you and your staff can learn in few short hours and manage it from anywhere in the world.

eHotel Reservation System enhance your visitor online experience and enables guests visiting your website to confirm their rooms in 'real-time'. You close the sale immediately, without having to bother with time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your Reservations staff.

  • An Online Hotel Reservation System allows you to receive booking 24 hours a day; therefore, your booking service is always open.
  • With a Online Hotel Reservation facility available on your website, you are 100% certain to close a deal with your prospective guests.
  • You can convert your website visitors into guests.
  • You can receive online payments from your guests in real time.
  • You can stop paying monthly commission to agencies.
  • You can have your guest’s personal information for your database.
  • You can build customer loyalty through direct interaction.
  • You can increase your booking potential.
  • You can improve customer retention.
  • Not having to reply to each email to confirm each reservation with your guests hence saves your time.
  • “Discount Coupons” function allows your guests to book direct with you at lower rates. Hence, shifting bookings from OTAs to your own channel.
  • Decrease administration costs as your reservations staff will have time to focus on other duties because guests will no longer be requesting room availability by email.
  • Enjoy complete control over rates so that you can maximize your room yields.
  • You can manage much easier your bookings and availability for your hotel.
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  • It is an ideal alternative to manually tracking customers. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. Our Hotel Reservation System is designed to simplify the booking process over online and it allows you to get on with running your business.