One Time Payment: In our eHotel Reservation System you just need to pay only one time, there are No monthly / yearly charges, No sales commission and No hidden charges. You can use our eHotel Reservation System for lifetime without any renewal.

But in third party reservation system you are paying them monthly/yearly rent or charges & you are paying them sales commission too.

Secure your Hotel Data: Our eHotel Reservation System will be installed on your web hosting server.You need not to create any account on any website. Your hotel important information is extremely secured in our eHotel Reservation System, Because it's installed on your own property and No one have access to use it.

But in third party reservation system, they create your hotel account on their website for reservation & you are sharing your customer's data and other important hotel statistics with them. They can misuse it any time and make big loss to your business.

Direct Payment: Our eHotel Reservation System providing you the facility to accept online payments from your guests through world class payment gateways like Paypal, 2CO and Braintree. That payment directly goes to your account in real time.

But in third party reservation system the payment goes to reservation system provider's company account. They cut their commission and other charges & then they transfer the rest amount to you. It takes long time.

No Limitation: In Our eHotel Reservation System, you can add unlimited rooms, pictures, videos, data anything as much as you want. You can also add unlimited number of hotels in it. There is no limit of anything.

But in third party reservation system, there are some limits either you want to add pictures or videos or rooms. And if you want to add more hotels in your reservation system you will have to pay extra.

Better Speed and Performance: In Our eHotel Reservation System you can get fantastic speed and good performance of reservation system. Because It will be on your own web hosting server, and the visitors or traffic is only yours. Your customer can easily book a room in your hotel without any delay.

But in third party reservation system, there are so many hotels account in one website. sometimes there's a huge rush on their website because so many visitors or traffic comes in one time, specially in weekends. So the website or reservation system speed slows down automatically and your customers face problem while booking a room. sometimes they leave without make booking.

Full Branding: In Our eHotel Reservation System your hotel have full branding on reservation system there is no ad or link of other website. It will show good brand image on your clients. That is why big brands and large hotel chains do not use third party reservation system.

In third party reservation system they redirect your customers to their website for booking. This do not make good impression on your clients.

Full Control: In Our eHotel Reservation System you will be the super admin. You can create sub admin accounts for your staff. All the control will be in your hands. You can remove or modify the sub admin accounts.

But in third party reservation system they are the super admin. They have full control on all the accounts. If in any case, you have some issues with them they can terminate your account or remove your hotel information from their website. This will arise serious problem for your business.

Search Engine Friendly: Our eHotel Reservation System is search engine friendly. We will give you the option to put Meta tags in your reservation system that will help you to get visitors directly from search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.

But in third party Reservation System all the hotel information, images, rooms facilities etc is on their website so when the customer wants to know anything about your hotel and he put something in search engine then it will take your customer to the third party website, Unwillingly You are promoting them.

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  • It is an ideal alternative to manually tracking customers. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. Our Hotel Reservation System is designed to simplify the booking process over online and it allows you to get on with running your business.