eHotel Reservation System e Hotel Reservation System

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The #1 Hotel Reservation System for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, B&B etc.

Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation System

Most Affordable Hotel Reservation

One Time Payment
No monthly/yearly charges
No sales commission
No hidden charges

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Hotel Booking System Hotel Booking System

Everything you need to run your Hotel

Front Desk
Online Booking System
Room Management System
Powerful Back End

Hotel Reservation Software Hotel Reservation Software

Flexible, Simple, Elegant & Powerful
Hotel Reservation Software

Accessible from Anywhere
Sell your Rooms Globally
Real-Time Booking
Secure and Stable

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Hotel Reservation Software Hotel Reservation System

Receive payments online through
world-class payment gateways

Credit Card

Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation System eHotel Reservation System e Hotel Reservation System e Hotel Reservation Software e Hotel Reservation Software

Attract guests from around the world

Make your property ‘Local’ in every market with the flexibility of multi-currency and multi-language options.

Hotel Booking System Hotel Booking Software

Stop losing direct customers to
other channels

Get bookings on your website
Without paying sales commissions

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Hotel Booking Software

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e Hotel Reservation System

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Hotel Booking Software

No Commission, No Monthly/Yearly Charges Just add our hotel booking system to your website and start taking bookings immediately. Let your guests book through clear and simple hotel booking software without leaving your hotel`s website.

Hotel Reservation System

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Business Pro Version: This version comes with full hotel web portal (Website) along with powerful online hotel reservation system. This version is best for single hotel.
Advanced Pro Version: This version comes with full hotel web portal (Website) along with powerful online hotel reservation system. This version is best for multi-hotel management.

Why is e Hotel Reservation System so Powerful? e Hotel Reservation System is here with the most powerful tools ever built. Letting you take total control of the Internet possibilities. Boost your online reservations to the absolute maximum.

  • Smart Search

  • Multilingual

  • Inbuilt Payment Gateways

  • Create Discount Coupons

  • Multicurrency

  • Manage Multiple Hotels

  • OTA Synchronization

  • Create Packages

The Next-Gen hotel booking software for Smart Hoteliers

Easy to Use

It's easy to learn and use the e Hotel Reservation System Software. You’re just click away from everything you need to run your business 24/7.

Real-Time Booking

Upgrade from a request form to real-time online bookings from your website. No more back and forth e-mails. No double bookings. Work from anywhere.


See your potential guest booking online in real-time, even before they finish. Say hello to unique guest management; say goodbye to double bookings.

Automated Emails

It works day and night from anywhere, on any device. It automatically sends immediate e-mail confirmations to you and your guest. So you can be productive and care-free right from the start.

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Complete online hotel booking system for Hotels, Motels, B&B etc.
Hotel Booking Software

Simple & Powerful Online Hotel Booking System

e Hotel Reservation System offers an online web-based hotel reservation software for the hospitality industry for service providers. e Hotel Reservation Software is easy to use. Revolutionary Online Hotel Booking Software that enables hotel, motel, resort, property owners to take full advantage of the power of the Internet while increasing the flexibility to maximize revenues.

Hotel Reservation System is work with your website. It provides the Hotel operator with full control over online reservations. Online dynamic room inventory while saving money and optimizes the potential of your website.

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Hotel Reservation System

Accept online card payments

Give your guests the option to prepay with a credit card. e Hotel Reservation Software is integrated with different online payment providers, which gives both you and your guest the convenience of secure card transfers.

Depending on which payment solution you choose, you can either collect credit card details from charging at a later time or accepting online payments at the time of booking.

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  • Do you want to increase your booking potential?
  • Do you want to be ahead of the competition?
  • Do you want to stop paying monthly commissions to the agencies?
  • Do you want to manage much easier your bookings and availability for your hotel?

Then our e Hotel Reservation System is your choice.

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Any property of Any size can use our solutions e Hotel Reservation System Software. It is suitable for anything that can be booked by the day or night.

Guest Houses
Bed & Breakfasts
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All-In-One Hotel Reservation System Everything you need to run your Hotel.

Multi Hotel Management
Managing multiple hotels is challenging, but with e Hotel Reservation System we make it easy. Our flexible Hotel Reservation Software allows you to set up your properties either as one or as separate locations. Which means you can manage reservations and online information for multiple hotel locations from one easy to use the system. This feature enhances guest experience across your group.
Hotel Website
e Hotel Reservation System is not just a hotel booking system. It's a complete hotel web portal (website) with Content Management System (CMS) that comes with an integrated Online Booking/Reservation System.
Accept Online Payments
Paypal, 2Checkout and Braintree payment gateways are integrated with Hotel Reservation Software to automate the booking process and facilitate deposit payments and reservation confirmation. Other methods to process payment are also available.
No Limitation
In Our e Hotel Reservation System, you can add unlimited rooms, pictures, videos, data anything as much as you want. You can also add the unlimited number of hotels in it. There is no limit on anything. But in third party hotel booking software, there are some limits either you want to add pictures or videos or rooms. And if you're going to add more hotels to your hotel reservation software, you will have to pay extra.
You can easily translate the Hotel Booking System in any language. And also add languages on the front-end. So your visitors can easily switch between them using an intuitive flag system.
e Hotel Reservation System supports multi-currency. e Hotel Reservation System gives the liberty to the hoteliers to add, edit and manage existing currencies on his website. With the multi-currency feature of e Hotel Reservation System, your guests get the facility to convert the booking amount into their preferred currency in a moment with no matter of time and location.
Many More Benefits

Hotel technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Hotel reservation software (or HMS) has become essential for hoteliers. Concerned with improving the management of their activity. The hotel reservation software allows hoteliers to simplify their administrative processes. Enhance their overall hotel reservation system.

To get the most out of good hotel reservation software. Must to select the one that best fits the needs of your establishment. Must to be familiar with this hotel management technology. To know why you should deploy it in your hotel.

What is a hotel reservation system?

The Hotel reservation system is technology. That allows hotel managers and owners to simplify administrative tasks while increasing short and long term bookings.

Your hotel reservation software is not only crucial for your daily operations. But it is also essential to the overall customer experience, from the beginning of the customer experience, which begins with the online booking process. To the end of the stay, and the online reviews when you return home. Your hotel management technology needs to improve the experience of your brand.

For effective management of your hotel in today's international economic context. It will be essential to find hotel reservation software. That will offer you the perfect features for your needs and expectations.

Hotel reservation software should improve the customer experience, from A to Z.

The objectives of a hotel reservation system

The hotel booking software meets several objectives. Both hotel managers who are in charge of large chains and for independent hoteliers. Especially :

1. Managing reservations

Your hotel reservation software should help you efficiently manage your reservations. No one - whether it is you, or your teams - should have to enter reservations or manage them manually across all of your distribution channels. The hotel booking system should automate the reservation process so that you can focus on your customers.

The system significantly reduces the risk of overbooking your rooms. Which directly improves the customer experience of your establishment.

2. Direct bookings

The hotel booking system should also allow you to direct bookings to your own website. Today's travellers prefer to book online rather than calling by phone. To complete their reservations or to go through the services of a travel agent.

The hotel booking system will allow you to maximize the revenue from reservations. It is recommended to prefer preferably software that has an online hotel booking system.

3. Hotel websites

Your hotel booking software should help improve your online presence. Your hotel reservation software will only be useful if your brand is visible to your customers.

By choosing a program with a web editor or a website creation tool, you will be able to create a well structured. Attractive, and user-friendly site that will encourage visitors to book a stay at your property.

The benefits of hotel reservation software

When choosing the hotel reservation software for your hotel, you will take into account the many advantages that this system can offer you, in particular:

1. Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

You can limit the time spent on administrative tasks. The right hotel reservation software will do much of the work for you. Result: you can devote your efforts and energy to the overall functioning of your establishment. Technology can also provide you with valuable data on how your teams are doing their work and the direct effect on retention, satisfaction, and productivity of the entire team.

In today's dynamic travel industry, automating as many tasks as possible has become essential. A hotel reservation system can allow you this necessary automation.

2. Increase your online presence

You can increase the presence of your brand online. Hotel reservation software integrated into your website creation tool will allow you to accept direct online hotel booking software and develop a user-friendly website. At the same time, your referencing in the search engine results will improve, and more travellers will be able to discover your property during their online research.

3. Build relationships with customers

You will establish a better relationship with your customers by identifying new markets. Travellers who have always loved staying at your property will appreciate the improved experience. Also, your new hotel reservation software will allow you to attract new travellers to your brand that they would not have discovered without it.

4. Manage your income

You will be able to implement an effective income management strategy by Using hotel reservation software. These innovative pricing tools allow you to create a flexible room pricing strategy. You can maximize the revenue generated per room at any time.

Setting the right price for your rooms is key to success in this competitive industry, and the availability of these tools can help you a lot.

5. Increase reservations

You will end up increasing your reservations. Ultimately, the goal of each feature in your hotel reservation software is to increase bookings for your hotel.

6. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 366 if it is a leap.

The Internet is fantastic because it is a fast tool and it is always available. Users use the network at all hours, at work and outside it. And can connect to a website when they feel like it but, Can they contact you, an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, at any time?

The Internet has allowed us to have it all and immediately. "I want it easy, I want it cheap, and I want it now" could be a maxim of the average user of e-commerce. I can book accommodation on a Sunday at 3 in the morning and have it available for the next day. This facility makes the Internet the most powerful communication, promotion, and business channel that exists.

If the Internet works 24 hours a day, and we assume that you are available to attend the reservations that enter your tourist business. By email or telephone - for 12 hours, a client will likely have to wait to make your reservation. That you have to do it with accommodation close to yours because you have not been able to attend to it before.

A hotel reservation software allows you always to be open to receive potential tourists. It was letting them reserve their rooms when it is most comfortable for them to do so without restriction on time or dates. Thanks to online hotel booking software, you can take advantage of all the business opportunities that are present to you.

7. Control of commissions.

If your hotel business tries to promote itself on the web, or if you use the services of an online hotel booking software. You will surely have to pay part of your profits to these providers. It may be time to re-appropriate the reserves that belong to you. That money is yours.

By having a hotel booking software calendar on your website, you ensure that your bookings are yours alone and that 100% of your earnings belong to you. In other words, it gives more profitability to each of your reservations and attracts customers to its website.

8. Excellent customer service

When we talk about hotel booking software, we are not talking about a contact form. This tool does not give the client a clear view of the availability of their accommodation. Similarly, a contact form does not provide tourists with immediate confirmation of their reservation.

For a hotel booking system to be effective, it must have at least these two essential characteristics. These allow you to make a complete reservation in record time, in just five minutes.

9. Decrease manual labour

If your tourism business does not yet use a hotel booking system, you will most likely have to manage them manually. Many companies in the tourism sector continue to record reservations in a notebook, a reservation book, or a home database. An excellent online hotel booking software should automate your work and do it as follows:

Ensure the availability of your rooms so that reservations are only received when your accommodation has places available.

Send an automatic reservation confirmation email. Collect all the necessary information during the reservation process so that it is not required to request more details later.

It's an increase in your reservations during the low season and an expansion of your offer to new markets. Your objectives will determine your choice of hotel booking software best suited to your establishment.

Another essential criterion: the hotel booking system must be affordable. It should serve your business, not the other way around. The features you want and need must be available to you at a high price.

More Hotel reservation software advantages

1. Good hotel booking software will reduce your time for the administrative functions of the business. The hotel booking software will take care of the majority of the work to free up your precious time so that you can focus on sales and other things. You will be able to do all the essential tasks for your brand in the market and take it to the next level in such circumstances.

It is essential to invest in the right hotel booking software for your business. The hotel booking system will provide valuable data on how your employees are performing their duties. It will help you assess employee satisfaction and productivity. In today's competitive environment, it is almost essential that you automate as many of your business tasks as possible to take the business to the next level.

2. Correct customer management of the hotel booking software will allow you to contribute a strong relationship with your customers. You will be able to be an essential part of your target market while identifying potential customers. Customers will love improving their overall experience. The employee and customer retention rates will help grow as a result of investing in the best guest hotel booking software on the market. You can easily take your brand to the next level by investing in software for installation.

3. The right software should help increase your online existence - which is another benefit of such software. You can integrate a client-server into your website to create for this proposal. So, you will have the possibility to accept direct online reservations to improve the interaction of the user of your site. Google has already denounced that it likes user interactions with websites, which provides a great user experience.

On the other hand, the interaction will have a higher rank on Google and most of the other search engines. The reason with which you will need to invest in the hotel booking software that you consider the best for online hotel booking software to improve the ranking of your brand. It is a cost-effective method of improving your search engine rankings.

4. The best hotel booking system will allow you to have proper income management. You can use the innovative pricing tools that include in the hotel booking system. It will help you ideally create room prices to maximize your site's revenue. Pricing rooms is one of the best strategies for success in this competitive business environment. The tools you get with the right hotel booking system can help you a lot in this regard.

5. The main characteristic of a hotel booking system is to increase your long-term bookings. Feature in your hotel booking system will strive to improve the overall booking of your hotel. If you want to delve into new markets or increase your off-season bookings, the right system software can help you with these efforts. It is essential to choose the best hotel booking system software on the market.

6. A hotel booking system will allow you to have daily reports without errors. The manager will have access to the accuracy of the income statements via the best hotel booking system on the market. You can take advantage of these reports to modify your marketing strategies to respond to the results presented in the reports. That is why you need to invest in the right system at all times. If not, you lose your hard-earned money in the process.

7. hotel booking system is programmed to avoid duplicate entries. It also helps prevent erroneous data and text entries from presenting when accidentally deleted. It is significant for the growth of your business over time. Make sure you do the necessary research before investing in hotel booking system in the market. It will benefit all of your operations in the long term.

8. Market segmentation is another crucial benefit of proper hotel reservation software system. Owners and managers can track the types of visitors they have. From this data, they can decide if their marketing strategies are targeting the right customers. This an important function to increase the revenue and profits of your business in the long run.

The benefits of hotel reservation software are many. They will help owners take their business to the next level in a short time. The most important thing is to do the research and invest in the right product in the market. Although you can find hundreds of hotel reservation software systems on the market, not all of these systems create the same.

There are a lot of inexpensive products. That should be a waste of your money, If you are not careful enough to avoid these products when purchasing a hotel reservation software system. Your in-depth research will help you invest in the right hotel software for your business.

Once chosen, the only way to know if you've found the right hotel reservation software for your hotel is to try it. A free trial will allow you to use the system and discover for yourself how it works. You will ideally find that the functions are simple to use. And that they will enable you to automate your daily administrative activities while giving you time to focus on the overall functioning of your establishment. You may realize that managing your hotel using software has never been easier for you and your team!

eHotel is the number one platform for hotels of all sizes in all markets. If you're looking for an all-in-one hotel reservation system, look no further. To learn more about us and find out how we can optimize your hotel, start your free trial today.


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  • It is an ideal alternative to manually tracking customers. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. Our Hotel Reservation System is designed to simplify the booking process over online and it allows you to get on with running your business.

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