• Online Room Booking

    eHotel Reservation System provides you with a room booking feature for your website which will make it easier for your visitors to make reservations and bookings.

  • Booking Management

    Online booking management system at the back-end provide you with facility for editing reservation, print invoices, change status or cancel existing room reservation.

  • Room Management

    Through the back-end panel of our eHotel Reservation System administrator can add an unlimited number of room types, add description etc.

  • Customizable Reservation

    As an administrator you can modify default booking settings, such as currency used, default booking status, manage payment methods etc.

Grow Your Online Hotel Business With eHotel Reservation System

eHotel Reservation System offers an online web based hotel reservation system for the hospitality industry for service providers. eHotel Reservation System is an easy to use; revolutionary Online Hotel Reservation System that enables hotel, motel, resort, property owners to take full advantage of the power of the Internet while increasing the flexibility to maximize revenues.

Developed to work with your web site, eHotel Reservation System provides the Hotel operator with full control over online reservations and online dynamic room inventory while saving money. It optimizes the potential of your website.

eHotel Reservation System is now available in four versions

  • Advanced Pro

    Advanced Pro Version

    Full CMS Hotel Website + Powerful Online Hotel Reservation System + Multi Hotel Support
  • Business Pro

    Business Pro Version

    Powerful Online Hotel Reservation System + Multi Hotel Support
  • Advanced

    Advanced Version

    Full CMS Hotel Website + Powerful Online Hotel Reservation System
  • Business

    Business Version

    Powerful Online Hotel Reservation System

Client Testimonials

  • We have been using the online reservation system for our boutique hotel and love it. We looked at other systems before, but choose eHotel Reservation System because of the look and affordability. There is no huge investment; there is only a one time fee. So it's easy to start with and there is no risk.

    Furthermore it's real simple to use, it looks great, and people love the extra service of not having to wait till later to find out what is or isn't available. We are definitely very happy with the system and the people at eHotel Reservation System.

    – Marvin Clark, Victoria - The Boutique Hotel
  • A Skyline Inn has been very happy with eHotel Reservation System. The reservation system is extremely user friendly. Both our customers and our employees find making and handling reservations simple and straight forward.

    The number of reservations we receive on-line has risen dramatically since we switched to eHotel Reservation System. I give my strongest recommendations regarding this reservation program.

    – Jay Edwards, Skyline Inn
  • eHotel Reservation System is a fantastic way to take online bookings directly from your website. The Hotel Reservation System is secure, very simple to use, and integrates well with your website.

    In my opinion, eHotel Reservation System is the best online booking system available for your website.

    – William Miller, Atlantis Hotel - Villa
  • eHotel Reservation System have been fantastic for us as a small business – we have noticed an increase in bookings generally and especially for bookings in advance – its so simple to operate and back up is great. I would not hesitate in recommending it to others.

    The staff at eHotel Reservation System are so good, great patience ,any queries dealt with quickly and efficiently and with good humour – so pleased with the entire set up.

    – Mark Jones, Hotel Hill Top
  • The eHotel Reservation System is the best I've ever tried, has really helped my business. I council all the owners of tourist facilities to prove it, it is easy to use by both managers and customers a like.

    Congratulations for the excellent work.

    - Steven Nelson, Crystal Resort
  • eHotel Reservation System has been a excellent method for us to take online bookings with no monthly charges it is the ideal choice for a small accommodation business like ours.

    Since going live we have been very impressed with the number of bookings we are getting online and it has reduced the amount of line spend dealing with enquiries now we just deal with bookings!

    - David Bell, Hotel Eight
  • eHotel Reservation System is great, the user interface is the easiest and most intuitive we've ever used. After switching to eHotel Reservation System we massively increased our website conversion rate for direct bookings which has saved us a fortune in commission.

    What's more the support is awesome.

    - Martin Harrison, Beach Garden
  • I have had a lot of nice comments from clients about the ease of booking online and being able to see the availability of the room. With a website that allows people to see the facility, the online booking option allows them to make their own reservation for the days they choose--less chance of owner making errors in dates!

    People like making their own reservation anytime 24/7. I am amazed at the times in which people have booked the room.

    - Bryan Woods, Paradise Villa

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